Street Cleanup: Ask the average citizen why street cleanup is important and you usually get "makes for a nicer drive", "makes the town look better", "keeps animals off the side of the road". These are all true, but what you don't see is where the trash eventually ends up. In our streams, it goes into our drinking water, where we like to fish and play. City of Trinity currently does one clean-up, four times a year, but we are looking at doing more.

  • Jacob Carroll Cleanup: Jacob Carroll was a young man from Trinity who died during a mission in Afghanistan in 2010. His family and any volunteers who want to help do a cleanup on NC-62 between Finch Farm Rd and Surrett Dr. The cleanup is four times a year, and for 2021 is on March 5, June 4, September 3, and November 5th. The meeting spot is at Trinity City Hall and starts at 8:30 AM. City of Trinity provides assistance, bags, and gloves. Please call the City for more information. For more information about the Life of Jacob Carroll, click here: Jacob Carroll story
  • March 5, 2021: 19 bags were picked were filled up at the event. We approximate about 570 lbs of trash removed.
  • September 3rd, 2021: 11 bags were picked were filled up at the event. We approximate about 330 lbs of trash removed.
  • More Cleanups: City of Trinity is looking for volunteers to do more cleanups around the City. It can be a particular street like the Jacob Carroll Cleanup, a stream cleanup, or a neighborhood cleanup. Please contact the City of Trinity at 336-431-2841 and contact Marc Allred to look at starting another cleanup.